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Network Computer Systems:

Design, Installation, Remote Monitoring & Security

Remote Monitoring Service can be implemented as a primary or secondary level of support to predict, track and remediate site problems in a timely and efficient manner. This secure service will interpret events and activate the proper response mechanism with user defined notification rules, including e-mail or a phone call. The user friendly web portal gives customers easy access to up-to-date operational data, inventory status and dynamically generated reports.

"JIS.com"  is specialized in managing a stable, inexpensive, small or Large network of Windows computers, SAP Database, AS400, SQL, peripherals, and services, especially for a small business or professional office.

Your Computer System "We can Help You create a more secure Network"



We Bring Your Company Forward

Momentum is potential turned into practice. Employees focused on goals and not setbacks. IT support working to prevent problems before they happen. We can help you make it possible with solutions built on a Microsoft foundation. We provide on-site consulting services to your business with a focus on security, design and installation.


As a technology solution provider Network Computer Systems possesses the knowledge and ability to help your business through the change required by today's internet-enabled business.  Our team of professionals will show you how to implement an affordable yet reliable solution that doesn't just meet your needs today, but ensures your future success as well.



We Secure your Internet-Enabled Workplace

Your business is too important, and the hazards too unpredictable, to trust security to yesterday's technology. Whether threats come from viruses or hackers, advanced security in Windows 2008 Server and Data base 2008; Protecting your data and systems better than before. Call now to secure your network!